Friday, July 11, 2008

If u have any other work, then dont read this...

Anger seething and blinding me,
I set forth to avenge my loss.
Ah and the pain...driving me on.
Telling me to finish what has begun.

I didn't want to let anybody down,
And I began searching for strength.
Delving deep within me I looked on and on,
but alas, I couldn't find it.

I fell down writhing with agony,
a miserable coward unable to act.
My fate and with it all others' was sealed,
when a sourceless light illuminated me.

I saw a silhouette not very far,
its not possible, yes, I was going mad.
But with every minute that passed,
the light's intensity seemed to grow.

Suddenly it began to rain heavily.
I woke up from my bed and wondered,
"What the f*** was that all about?"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Was it premeditated? Well I dont think so, because if it was I would'nt be alive today. What did she have to gain? I mean, had she killed me she too would have been mercilessly disposed of. Moreover, He wishes that I should live on to narrate this incident and enlighten your souls. This is precisely why I said it was not premeditated.

To begin with she almost killed me. I had never done such a thing before and it was one of those decisions that you take suddenly, almost by an inspiration. Also adding to my temptations were the facts that she was one of the most beautiful ones I had ever laid my eyes upon and was the only female there. You see even though I was not totally prepared, I still had the sense to get proper protection. I believe in prevention rather than cure as there is no use cryin over spilt milk. One mor thing, her hair was trimmed. This was a bit unusual and I was so mesmerised that I forgot to take the cue.

Let me not bore you anymore... I was on top of her and we had just started. Since it was my first time and I was so drunk with pleasure because of the slow and graceful way in which things were proceeding, I decided to get a bit cheeky. I bent down low tickled her neck while I whispered to her these fateful words: CAN'T WE SPEED UP THINGS A BIT HONEY.

I could possibly attribute 3 reasons for why she behaved the way she did:
1. maybe she did not like speed
2. maybe she did not like my tickling
3. maybe I had bad breath.

But you know what that stupid horse threw me off balance pushed me down and almosy crushed my legs. Thank god I survived that. Now Im alive and well in a wretched hospital...

Monday, May 12, 2008


Appearing calm, I walked toward her,
Wanting to tell her my thoughts.
Brimming with confidence I may seem,
but a fear of rejection lurks beneath this facade.

Oh my love will you ever be mine?
All I ask for is just a sign.

Standing there was my princess,
In all her glory and beauty.
For a second, may be an eternity, our eyes met,
Did the gaze tell me that my love will reciprocate?

Oh my love will you ever be mine?
All I ask for is just a sign.

Steeling myself I walked futher,
Propinquity and with it the tension soaring.
I told her the golden words and waited,
For what seemed ages there was'nt a reply and then:

Oh dear lady, thanks for the sign.
I realised that you will never be mine,
But there's your friend who looks so divine,
So let me just go and stand in the line.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Addicts Club: "Smoking is injurious to health"

Life was boring and such a drag
That was when I decided to take a fag

To many it may seem an idiotic task
But I like it and what more can I ask?

The first puff was a royal ordeal
After that it seemed primordial

As smoke slowly clouded my brain
Thoughts flew in without a refrain

Inhaling again I staggered
Dullness making me more laggard

There was smoke playing between my fingers
And above my head a cloud lingers

I felt as if I was the bloody best bard
And Smoking took me closer to God

The joy lasted for about 3 minutes or so
But it seemed I had started eons ago

I threw down the fag and crushed the stub
Now Im a member of the addicts club.

Paean : Friendship

'The fire in him was quenched
bcoz of a lying dame
with love it was drenched
Alas! She played on him a lousy game

He cared for her with all his heart
Asking her to share his pain
But all he got was deceit & thwart
She was a bitch on the lookout for gain

Stabbed by Brutus this Ceaser survived
Calling himself a Gunner fan
The gauche philanderer had arrived
He was a notorious liar & never a man
Hey you will be crushed like a pepsi can

Singapore is a nest for the rich
And the bitch here plotted a hitch
She was selfish & egocentric witch
who tried to push our man into a ditch

Ah! But that is an old story
The fire has been rekindled
And Pyro is basking in its glory
Forgetting that he was swindled

The snake is venomless at the moment
Unable to cause any foment
The charmer too is idly waiting
in Singapore for there is no baiting

I'm nobody but a simple bard
A new found light in his life
Friendship is our weapon a mighty sword
Dude dont worry you will get a better wife'